IoT, Robotics, Big Data

We talk a lot with organizations that challenge us to come up with innovative solutions for questions like: What does Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and big data mean for us? How can this benefit our organization and our customers? How can we make our buildings, our devices, our phones, our machines really smart? And how can we let them communicate with each other?

DoBots specializes in software where we come from the perspective of robotics. DoBots uses robotic software not only in mobile robots, but applies them to related fields such as indoor localization as well. We are open for joint development projects to make you benefit from a lot of academic research done in the last years.

Who We Are

People say we like fast prototyping, we build upon existing hardware, we use software where appropriate (contrary to all-hardware solutions), and that we embrace the open-source principles. We simply say that DoBots has a very modern engineering culture!

Our Skills

Embedded programming
Humor ;-)
Mass production
C++ / Javascript / Python / Java


DoBots is led by Aad Nales, commercial director and has a team of engineers who can bring any autonomous product from conception to the mass market.

Aad Nales

Aad Nales Commercial Director

Reka Hajnovicsova

Reka Hajnovicsova Engineer

For a nice overview of past employees and interns, who have worked on robotics and wireless sensor networks at DoBots or when we were still at Almende, take a look at our hall of fame!

Really, go to there! :-) There is lot of interesting research and perhaps software you can use yourself!

Make Life Better

This all results from our mission to develop robots that make life better. In the world according to DoBots, people and organizations therefore will soon be helped with their daily chores by swarms of intelligent machines. Then people can focus on growing their true potential and capabilities.



Adding Intelligence

One of the prerequisites for this scenario is the machine needs to be made smart: DoBots adds intelligence to the machine, so it can do it's own task fully autonomously without any human interference. Also the machines must also be able to collaborate; with each other, with other devices (i.e. doors, computers, refrigerators) and with humans (i.e. operators, people in their direct environment).

Let us clarify this by looking at the professional cleaning sector: we don't want a vacuum cleaner to be in our way when we walk through a room. We don't want 10 robots cleaning the same spot over and over again. And we don't want to have to open a door, every time the machine wants to clean a room. This means next to machine automation we need building automation. The current Internet of Things helps as a driver for machine to machine communication.

Total Robotic Solutions

DoBots started out with its core expertise in software for service robotics. We are now much more in the know about the hardware, vision and sensor technologies too. We find this essential in order to provide our customers with the total package of future proof robotic solutions.

Products & Services

DoBots has developed services like the autopilot that make mobile machines smart and products like the crownstone that make buildings smart.

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