Cleaning Autopilot

Consumers have the Roomba and the Scooba: small cleaning robots that work autonomously to clean your house. But what does the professional cleaning industry have? A scrubber/dryer machine with a human operator to walk behind it. DoBots likes to change this!

DoBots upgrades machines to fully autonomous robots. Therefore DoBots provides an add-on to cleaning machines, the so-called Autopilot.

The autopilot is a package with sensors, controllers, and algorithms that allow a machine to navigate through a room fully autonomously. It can also be controlled manually or by remote.

Complete Package

The autopilot knows the state of the batteries, the reservoirs, and can send cleaning performance reports. Extra functionalities can be aligned with the end-user.

Our offer: an autopilot below a € 1000,- per machine.*

How is this low price possible? First, the advances in the entertainment industry (in particular the Kinect) made the prices for 3D depth sensors drop from € 15.000,- to a stunning € 150,-. Second, autonomous cleaning is not a hardware problem, but a software problem with algorithms for autonomous navigation that matured considerably in the last few years.

*This contains the bill of materials for the physical part of one autopilot. Prior to this result is a development project or pilot in which a team from DoBots works closely together with your development team.

Pricing model

DoBots sees a misalignment between the end-user and the manufacturer of a cleaning machine: The user wants a clean floor, but has to pay for a machine... In our case, by paying a service fee, the cleaning company becomes responsible for the machine. This means they take care of it and upgrade it continuously with the newest brushes, batteries, and sweeping strategies.

The algorithms of DoBots run in the cloud, together with additional services and are provided through a service contract of € 100,- per month. The autopilot adds € 1000,- to each cleaning machine.

Example of savings: A cleaning person asks € 20,- per hour to do the cleaning job. With the autopilot from DoBots you save at least one cleaning hour per day. In this case our service model already saves you € 660,- per month.


The autopilot has navigation, localization, and sweeping functionality.


A map can be uploaded to the robot, but the robot can also chart an area itself. Changes in the environment, such as containers, products or people are incorporated automatically.


No lost machinery, because the robot always knows where it is. In manual operation or with remote operation, the localization of the robot can be tracked as well. An anti-theft alarm system is also included.


The scrubber/dryer sweeps according to a self-created plan given the area to maintain. Via a user-friendly graphical interface, this can also be manually overridden by the end user.

Status monitoring

Status of the device and the environment are easily monitored.


The robot can report in real-time which part of the floor it has covered, so you can monitor it’s progress.


When battery life is low, the robot can seek for a recharge station thanks to it’s localization functions.

Water and soap

The robot offers an easy display for the level of water and soap. Is also possible to refill automatically if we robotize the mechanics of the cleaning machine.

More information

If you are interested in our solution, please contact for more information.