We are enabling the mobility of machines and devices in the professional markets by adding the ‘brains’, in the form of software and mechatronics (vision and sensors).

Context Aware

Any technology needs input to respond to. Like you need eyes and ears to move around without bumping into things, your applications need to know what is going on around them too.

More and more devices are therefore equipped with sensors, sensing all kinds of characteristics about themselves and their environment. This makes them context aware. The autopilot uses these sensor data to let it’s machines move around efficiently.

Development Network Partners

DoBots works closely together with sister company Sense, part of the Almende group. Sense is an observation system specialist that provides the platform for analysing sensor data. DoBots uses and analyses that data to let its devices act on it.

Joint Development

DoBots want to open the door to new applications of mobile robotics and therefore likes to jointly develop innovative robotics applications with manufacturers. We’re also open to end-users.

We provide our engineering services to build autopilot solutions tailored to your needs. We offer customers the expertise of our highly educated staff. As an ambitious young startup we’re ultra flexible and proactive in thinking with you about new applications of mobile robotics! And did you know we won the Best European Startup Award in the Robot Launch competition?

DoBots is your development partner from A to Z, but before we start anything we always get together with our customer first to map the advantages of a robotics solution. When you perceive added value and the possibility to scale, we may start the pilot and develop the prototype.

Open source

Usually, devices all have their own languages, protocols and media. This leads to a lock-in: you will need all your devices made by the same company in order to let them communicate. DoBots creates its devices in such a way they can talk to every other device.

To speed up development time, DoBots works primarily with open source solutions. Open source software can be built upon by any developer. When it comes to originating new ideas, rather than starting from scratch, companies are turning to open source software because it gives them the ability to not have to build from the ground up but rather start on a foundation that’s been built and refined by a slew of programmers over a period of time.


One of our applications is a cleaning robot for the professional cleaning sector: we don’t want a vacuum cleaner to be in our way when we walk through a room. We don’t want 10 robots cleaning the same spot over and over again. And we don’t want to have to open a door, every time the machine wants to clean a room. This means next to machine automation we need building automation. The current Internet of Things helps as a driver for machine to machine communication. Take a look over here.

Cleaning DoBot

More information

If you want your device to be autonomous, please contact for more information.