DoBots is always looking for talented people with expertise in embedded programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or statistical physics.

Join us as we develop software that's built to scale and change robotics forever!


For an internship we have the following requirements:

  • It must be a graduation (master thesis) project
  • European citizen (outside of Europe we pay large fees)
  • Final project plan will be written by you and approved by your professor(s)
For the topics our current master students are working on, see the about us page.

Open applications

We've a lot of possibilities at our sister startup Crownstone. Please contact if are interested in bringing AI to the market (include a cover letter about your own personal drive).

Full-time positions

Currently, there are no open positions available. Thank you for considering us!

Hall of fame

We had many master students graduating over the years in collaboration with the mother company Almende. We had the pleasure to always work with people with ambition proving it by high grades. Take a look at our hall of fame to get an idea about the projects of our previous graduates.